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About Us

Meet Our Founders


After years of eating high fiber foods and witnessing first-hand the many benefits of increasing fiber in our diets, we decided it was time to take a closer look at its source. It quickly became clear that the foods we were eating for the beloved fiber had questionable sources for their ingredients. Most high fiber products are not organic. Non-organic wheat is sprayed with many harmful chemicals. This meant that all day everyday, we were fueling our bodies with harmful chemicals from sprayed grains. We wanted to maintain our fiber intake, but eliminate the chemical additives, so we created the Besstie - a high fiber cracker that offers all the same benefits of other high fiber foods, just using the highest quality, certified organic ingredients (and is tastier too)! 


Bess Orwasher Rostowsky and Jamie Goldstein met by chance at college orientation in 2008 when they were paired as random roommates. They quickly became BESSTIES and spent most of their time at The George Washington University together, both socially and academically. 

As perpetual partners in crime in business classes and startup ideas, it was only natural for them to work together on Bessties. When Bess had the idea to start Bessties, she knew Jamie was the perfect partner to bring her vision to life and spread the Besst Cracker love. Their shared love of health and nutrition combined with their passion for entrepreneurship make them a perfect pair. Prior to starting Bessties, both Jamie and Bess worked for two successful startups for 7+ years - Jamie was at Warby Parker and Bess at Grubhub/Seamless. 

We can’t wait for you to try The Besst Crackers and become our Bessties, too!

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